New Trailer: Owen Wilson Stars in Sci-FI Romantic Drama 'Bliss'

(Photo: Getty Images)

We've seen Owen Wilson in romantic comedies like Wedding Crashers (2005) and romantic dramas like Midnight in Paris (2011), but, what about a sci-fi romantic drama, with a dash of comedy?

If it hasn't happened yet, it's about to with Bliss, co-starring Salma Hayek as his partner-in-crime/love interest.

A first look trailer has just released, where we see Wilson as a regular guy, living a regular life. His character, Greg, has just gotten a divorce and has just been fired. So, while regular, he is a little down in the dumps.

That's until... he meets Isabel (Hayek). She informs him that this life they are living is not the real world. That it's a simulation in a computer game. It does make us wonder, what kind of game would make the player disappointed and depressed?

Apparently, that is the point of it. The simulation is meant for people to appreciate all the good stuff that they already have.

The new trailer helps fill in the blanks:

In the real world, assuming it is the real world, Isabel is actually a scientist, who developed brain bot simulations. It appears she went into Greg's simulation to bring him back.

In the above clip, we hear her say, "You have to experience the good, to appreciate the bad," with Greg politely correcting her, "It's actually the opposite." Possibly this is some foreshadowing, that she is actually a baddie.

Bliss comes from writer-director Mike Kahill, who brought us 2011's Another Earth, starring Brit Marling.

You can look for Bliss over at Amazon Prime on February 5.

If you could choose, which world would you pick!?