New Trailer: Mark Strong and Eva Green Star in Psychological Thriller ‘Nocebo’

(Photos: Getty Images) 
Anglo favorites Mark Strong and Eva Green are teaming up for the forthcoming Shudder movie Nocebo. They’re set to play a married couple in the psychological thriller, reports Variety.
Typically, when we hear married coupled and thriller, the couple is estranged, but not these two. They are very committed to each other. But something is amiss. Green’s character is suffering from an unknown illness. A caregiver shows up at her door unexpectedly, played by Chai Fonacier.
While Green’s character doesn’t remember hiring her, she welcomes her into her home. This is just one of many red flags. As the trailer rolls out, it’s not just red flags we’re seeing, the alarms are going off:

In the above clip, we see her husband stand up for her, saying to the carer, “Stay out of my wife’s head.” At least he’s aware something is going on. It’s not just the husband and wife who are impacted by her presence, they also have a young daughter (Billie Gadson).
This is definitely giving us The Hand That Rocks the Cradle vibes:

Nocebo will premiere in theaters on November 4 and will be available for streaming over at Shudder in 2023. We look forward to seeing the outcome, and who comes out on top.
Are you liking Strong and Green’s on-screen chemistry?