New Trailer: Mark Rylance Stars as a Skilled Tailor in ‘The Outfit’

(Photo: Getty Images) 
At first glance, when we see the term “the outfit,” it makes us think of an organization.
And, we weren’t wrong, as the forthcoming movie The Outfit revolves around organized crime.
It appears the title has two meanings, with Mark Rylance portraying an English tailor, who has relocated to Chicago, IL, crafting fine suits.
It’s not clear when the crime drama takes place, but the Chicago Outfit was at its height in the 1920s. Based on the accents and clothing in the newly released trailer, that time period seems about right, which would also line-up with The Great Depression.
And who can afford these expertly made suits? Oh, a crime family.
We hear Rylance’s character in the trailer say, “If we only allowed angels to be customers, soon we’d have no customers at all.
It’s one thing to work on behalf of criminals, but it’s another thing to be held hostage by them, which is what happens as the story rolls out.

Rylance’s character is pushed for an answer, with a fella demanding of him, “You need to tell me what really happened in here tonight. Now.”
He also receives some advice from his employee (Zoey Deutch), with her saying, “You look ‘em dead in the eyes and you pretend you’re one of ‘em.”
He seems more than equipped to make his own decisions, and we are intrigued to see what he lands on.
The Outfit, directed by Graham Moore (The Intimation Game), is set to premiere on February 22, 2022.
Who doesn't like an American mob movie with a dash of British!?