New Trailer: Maeve Dermody Stars in Not-So-Romantic Romantic Comedy 'Love Type D'

(Photo: Getty Images)

Maeve Dermody (The Beast Must Die) may not be a household name, but that could be about to change, with her taking the lead in the forthcoming feature film Love Type D.

This British romantic comedy revolves around falling out of love, starring Dermody as a young woman named Frankie. In the newly released trailer, we hear Frankie talking about her boyfriend Thomas (Oliver Farnworth).

The two met a year ago and things are still going strong. At least, that's what she thinks. But, when Thomas' little brother shows up to a restaurant to break things off with Frankie, per Thomas' request, she realizes they are no longer simpatico.

You can watch the 12-year-old sibling deliver the harsh news in the below:

It's not just that Thomas doesn't fancy Frankie any longer, it turns out she has a gene that ensures she will always be the dumpee (more harsh news). She recruits a former frenemy (Rory Stroud), now a genetics expert, to help turn things around.

This doesn't necessarily sound fixable, but we're cheering for Frankie!

You can look for Love Type D on July 9 via On Demand.

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