New Trailer: Kate Beckinsale Stars in the Title Role of 'The Widow' Series

We know Kate Beckinsale from badass roles in the Underworld and Van Helsing fantasy films, and while this time around she's starring in a modern-day drama... her character is just as headstrong.

In the recently released trailer (January 14), we get a first look at Beckinsale as Georgia Wells in the forthcoming Amazon Prime/ITV series The Widow. She's just been told her husband died in a plane crash, but she doesn't believe he is actually dead. Georgia isn't delusional or hanging onto false hope, there's no evidence of a body and she sees him in the background of a news broadcast.

It's one of those scenarios, the more she digs, the deeper she delves into danger:

We can look for other familiar faces like Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), Alex Kingston (Doctor Who) and Louise Brealey (Sherlock).

The eight-part series will premiere on March 1, streaming via Amazon Prime. Created by The Missing screenwriters, Harry and Jack Williams, the series will be directed by Sam Donovan (Humans) and Olly Blackburn (Glue).

The eight-part series will premiere on ITV in the U.K. this winter, followed by a worldwide release via Amazon Prime on March 1.

Is this something you can get into?