New Trailer: Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell Go Head-to-Head in 'The Morning Show' TV Series

Jennifer Aniston (Friends) and Steve Carell (The Office) lead an all-star cast in the new Apple TV series The Morning Show. But, it's these two who kick off the drama in the official trailer, just released today (August 19).

Aniston plays a newscaster who has some not-so-good news to announce. It just so happens to be about her co-host and partner of 15 years, played by Carell. He, on the other hand, is at home watching it all unroll from his couch. Spoiler alert (not really): he was fired.

Is it just us, but does she seem happy to be delivering this news? Check it out for yourself:

She definitely has a glint in her eye when sitting down to her news desk. It's just hard to read the meaning behind her expression at this point, as we don't know the entire backstory. Carell's character is very clear-cut about his feelings, though. He is absolutely destroyed, saying in response to the report, "My life just ended for no good reason," while breaking down into sobbing tears.

When we mentioned an all-star lineup, we were not exaggerating. You can also look for Billy Crudup, Reese Witherspoon, Mark Duplass and GuGu Mbatha-Raw. There's no set premiere date, but the first 10 episodes are predicted for this fall. The second season has already been confirmed, with 20 episodes in total.

Of course the big question is: what do you think of this Friends/The Office crossover!?