New Trailer: Jenna Coleman Stars as Co-Killer in Crime Series 'The Serpent'

We can look for Doctor Who alum Jenna Coleman in the forthcoming eight-part miniseries The Serpent, which is based on true events.

Coleman is set to take on the role of Marie-Andrée Leclerc, girlfriend to Charles Sobrhaj (Tahar Rahim). In the 1970s, the two carried out a killing spree on the "Hippie Trail" in Southeast Asia.

In the new trailer, we can see how they manipulated young travelers, by befriending, drugging, robbing, eventually killing and disposing of their bodies.

Leclere could have easily fallen victim to Sobrhaj's advances, but instead she became an accomplice.

The Serpent is set to air on BBC One in the U.K. on New Year's Day and Netflix in the U.S., with a date to be announced.

We're used to seeing Coleman in more virtuous roles, like as the Doctor's companion Clara Oswald and as Queen Victoria.

What do you think of this new direction in her career?