New Trailer: Jamie Dornan Takes the Lead in ‘The Tourist’ TV Series

(Photo: HBO Max)
The Fall’s Jamie Dornan has signed on for another series, entitled The Tourist. Don’t let the name of the series confuse, as this is not a story of leisure.
The six-part thriller series, set to air on BBC One in the U.K. and HBO Max in the U.S., is co-written by Harry and Jack Williams (Baptiste), with Chris Sweeney (Liar) set to direct, reports
The story revolves around a man who wakes up with amnesia. The British transplant, who is now in Australia, is referred to as “The Man.” We’re guessing his character doesn’t have a name, as he doesn’t know what it is.
In the first look trailer, The Man finds himself being chased by an enraged truck driver, forcing him off the road. He wakes up in a hospital with no memory of his life beforehand.

As the story unfolds, The Man is still being pursued, and at the same time, he is in pursuit of answers, eventually coming to the realization of who he was before all of this.  
It leaves the question/s: was he a good guy or a bad guy?
While this is beyond distressing, he still holds onto his sense of humor and there’s a bit of comic relief, like when a shop keeper exclaims to him, “You have amnesia!? That is awesome!”
The look on The Man’s face is sort of priceless.

Based on the trailer, we’re still left wondering who he was before this, which leaves us even more intrigued to find out.
You can look for The Tourist on BBC One this coming January 1 and on HBO Max, with a premiere date to come.
Are you excited to see more of Jamie Dornan on-screen?