New Trailer: Ian Somerhalder Returns to the Vampire Genre with 'V-Wars'

Ian Somerhalder had a strong hold on the vampire market from 2009-2017, starring in the Vampire Diaries as Damon Salvatore. And he seems to be keen on the supernatural genre, as he's set to star in the forthcoming Netflix series V-Wars, reports Deadline Hollywood. 

This time around, he's playing a doctor — a human doctor to be exact — and will go up against vampires. He realizes something's up when his best friend (Adrian Holmes) is infected and turns into a "murderous predator" who feeds on humans.

The name of the show gives us a good idea of what to expect: humans going to war with vampires. Even better, we can find more clues in the recently released trailer:

Somerhalder's character is recruited to investigate what's causing this change and he comes up with a hypothesis, saying in the above, "This is a modified virus, causing DNA transformations."

What kind of transformations, doctor? Oh, like fangs? The craving for blood?

The doctor's best friend says to him, "My people and I are not terrorists. We have as much right to live as anyone else. As horrible as it will be. This war is also necessary."

Clearly they didn't get HBO in these parts, as the vampires and humans in True Blood were able to coexist, for the most part.

V-Wars, adapted from Jonathan Maberry's 2012 book series, will be available for streaming as of December 5.

Who do you have your money on?