New Trailer: Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot Team Up for Action-Comedy ‘Red Notice’

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There’s a new heist film coming out, starring a powerhouse cast.
We can look for Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in the forthcoming Red Notice, reports Deadline.
And, for the most part, they’re each on different teams… their own team.
Johnson plays an FBI agent. Reynolds takes on the role of an art thief, the second most wanted art thief in the world to be exact. And Gadot plays the first most wanted art thief, knocking Reynold’s character down a notch.
Special Agent John Hartley (Johnson) tracks down Nolan Booth (Reynolds), but not to arrest him. Rather, to enlist his help in capturing The Bishop (Gadot).
At first glance, Hartley and Booth are working toward the same goal, but really… it seems like they still have their own agendas:
It does stand out to us that an FBI agent is working with a confirmed criminal and if they’re successful in capturing The Bishop, then Booth’s reward is to be reinstated as the number one art thief in the world (versus negotiating a lesser sentence).
Possibly, this FBI agent isn’t 100% on the up-and-up.
But, at the same time, possibly he’s not showing all his cards.
There are a lot of possibilities still floating around, but we will keep in mind, the trailer doesn't reveal the full story. 
The synopsis for the movie helps fill in some of the blanks, which reads, “The high-flying adventure that ensues takes the trio around the world, across the dance floor, trapped in a secluded prison, into the jungle and, worst of all for them, constantly into each other’s company.”
If you’re wondering where the title comes from, it refers to the global alert issued by Interpol.
Red Notice will be available for streaming on November 12 over at Netflix.
Do you like the look of this trio on-screen together?