New Trailer: Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anne Hathaway Star in Not-So-Romantic Comedy 'Locked Down'

(Photo: HBO Max)

Chiwetel Ejiofor (Doctor Strange) and Anne Hathaway (The Witches) are teaming up to play a couple in the forthcoming movie Locked Down, set to premiere over at HBO Max on January 14.

The story starts off with them in a romantic relationship, but Hathaway's character Linda calls it quits right as a pandemic begins... and she and her now ex Paxton (Ejiofor) are stuck living together. That alone is a story in itself.

But, with Linda troubled over having to fire employees and Paxton feeling lost after being furloughed, things become dire.

Most people would have a pity party, but these two decide to steal a diamond from Harrods, valued at 3 million pounds.

Since Linda used to work at the luxury department store, she has insider knowledge.

The new trailer rolls out their seemingly well-calculated plan:

A feature length film set during a pandemic? One might say, it's too soon. Actually, one might say it's too now.

Others might say, it's just what we need — to see things from the outside looking in. For example, the scene where Linda is having a severe hissy fit in the garden. Who doesn't want to jump up and down, with arms flailing, to blow off some steam right now?

What do you say?