New Trailer: 'Broad City' is Coming to an End with Fifth Season... But, It's Not Over Just Yet

Upright Citizen Brigade alums Abbi Jacobson and Illana Glazer started making their own videos, which turned into a web series, which turned into a TV series on Comedy Central, called Broad City. The series is pretty much exaggerated versions of themselves running around NYC, and their characters are named Abbi and Illana.

The series kicked off in 2014, following the girls as they took on random jobs to make ends meat, while managing their social and romantic lives. The overall theme was about them getting in and out of trouble. We're now heading into the fifth and final season, premiering on January 24.

Do you think the girls have cleaned up their acts and gotten their sh*t together??

We're leaning toward... a flat-out "no." The newly released trailer takes us through a whole new set of antics, with some scenes borderline thrilling:

Abbi and Illana swung by Jimmy Kimmel Live last week (January 19) to talk about the final season. Also, Illana helps explain how she and Abbi differ from their on-screen personas, saying, "The characters have nothing going on. Nothing real going on. And, we're, so, work-oriented. And, we've been talking about this lately, in real life we are... REALLY smart. And, talented."

She does provide a qualifier to this accurate but slightly bold statement:

You can catch up with earlier seasons of Broad City over at Hulu. And the duo's earlier work can be found on the Broad City YouTube page.

Have you been following Abbi and Illana since the early days??