New Trailer: Anne Hathaway Stars in Political Thriller 'The Last Thing He Wanted'

Anne Hathaway may not be British by definition (while her name is very much so), but she plays British a lot, landing her on our watch list. And, she's just a stellar actress and chooses dynamic projects, so there's that in itself.

We recently saw Hathaway portray a troubled woman in the anthology series Modern Love and now she's stepping into the political thriller The Last Thing He Wanted, based on Joan Didion's 1996 novel. The story follows a seasoned journalist by the name of Elena McMahon (Hathaway). She's investigating a story and who pops up in surveillance photos? Oh, her father.

In the recently released trailer, she does not seem all that surprised that "he's into something."

Willem Dafoe plays her dad and he seems like a bit of a troublemaker, even if unintentionally. And you can also look for Ben Affleck as an adversary of hers, Treat Morrison. Rosie Perez, who plays McMahon's contact on the inside, provides intel about Morrison over the phone, saying, "Nobody is able to get a read on this guy. All we do know about him is, when he shows up, it's usually the end of something, not the beginning."

The film's synopsis says that McMahon is doing some sort of favor for her father, hence the name of the movie, The Last Thing He Wanted. If you're so inclined to dig a little deeper, this New York Times review of the novel gives some more backstory.

The British-American production, directed by Dee Rees (Electric Dreams), will screen at the Sundance Film Festival, which just kicked off yesterday (January 23) and will be available for streaming over at Netflix staring on February 21.

Do you prefer Anne Hathaway with or without a faux British accent?