New Poster and Trailer: Wes Anderson's 'The French Dispatch' is Jam-Packed with Familiar Faces

Writer-director Wes Anderson's next film, The French Dispatch, hits theaters this coming July 24. It's his first live-action movie since 2014's The Grand Budapest Hotel. The first trailer has just been released, featuring an all-star cast:

Anderson’s next project is set at a French outpost of an American publication and is being described as “a love letter to journalists.” Early reports suggest we can expect three interconnected storylines, taking place right after the end of WWII.

And, who can we look for in the upcoming flick? To start off, Anderson is known for casting actors he’s worked with previously, like Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Billy Murray, who have all signed on for The French Dispatch.

We could rattle off the entire cast, but lucky for us, the new poster has drawn a lot of the actors in character, giving us a bit of an idea who they will be playing:

The poster is pretty tightly packed, but the list goes on, with a number of actors set to star, but not included in the above, like Saoirse Ronan, Anjelica Huston, Edward Norton, Willem Dafoe and Elisabeth Moss... just to name a handful. Possibly their characters are being kept a mystery, as to maintain an element of surprise.

The first look trailer is set to release tomorrow, which may help fill in some of the blanks. We'll be sure to share once available. In the meantime, the poster is fun to scan and pick out little details. Like, Wilson's character pedaling a bike, with a camera around his neck and wearing a beret. And Timothé Chalamet drawn in cartoon form, sitting in a bath and writing in a notebook (we had to zoom in to see what he was doing).

And, errr, what about the nurse holding a knife with blood spattered on her uniform, way back in the background? We can't miss that.

You can look for the The French Dispatch in theaters on July 24.

What part of the poster stood out to you most?