Nashville: Home of Catherine Bach

Yee Haw! The Carltons are in Nashville.

Poppy & Georgie Carlton on location, Nashville, TN.

Father absolutely loved country music and the whole country lifestyle. His dream was to be able to fire a gun out of a car window whilst traveling at top speed. It feels like you could do that here without getting into too much trouble with the constabulary.

Aims to achieve during our time in Nashville:

Poppy: release a really brilliant country record and become so, so famous.

Georgie: try and do something a bit more manly (golf?)

Poppy and I had a slot on a country music radio show. We were ready to showcase Poppy singing her new song. A little freebie to get people interested. I have to say she did brilliantly, singing the whole thing in a variety of lovely keys.

Unfortunately there appears to be some bitterness amongst these industry types. It seems that they don’t want young, pretty ladies with bouncy hair singing country music songs.

We were booked in for a twenty-minute slot and only got to be on the show for about five. How did they expect to know how talented we are in five minutes? Poppy’s school still doesn’t know how talented she is and she was there for eight years.

It’s hard to say why Daddy loved country music so much. We know he was a huge fan of Dolly Parton. He always said there were just a couple of things about her that he really liked. He was always so cryptic. I just wish I understood him more.

Poppy & Georgie Carlton are escorted from Dollywood by security.

Still, at least I got to meet one of father’s heroines. We went along to an event dedicated to that wonderful ‘80s TV show The Dukes of Hazzard. Wow! Catherine Bach is now hauntingly beautiful, every bit as lovely as back in the day when I used to borrow father’s poster to er...well, I loved to look at that poster. Catherine has since asked me not to mention such things again on a public forum.

I still wasn’t feeling very manly (which I hoped I would by now) so Poppy and I decided to go fishing with some good ol’ boys down the river. But it turns out that they don’t bother to use rods to catch fish with, I ask you! No. A gentleman is supposed to go into the water and wrestle the fish out himself.

I mean, it’s just crazy. I wouldn’t go into a supermarket and chase a cow around with a bolt gun. Why would I want a fight to the death with a fish? I might lose.

Poppy found the whole thing a bit of a snore. Poor old Poppet. Her bid for stardom hadn’t quite gone as smoothly as she’d hoped, so watching her brother writhing around in the mud with a catfish did little to lift her spirits. I suggested she write a song about her sadness, but she just looked at me with cold eyes and said she hoped the catfish drowned me.

I certainly hope I can find us somewhere nice for supper.