Miranda Hart Confirms the Future of 'Miranda' Sitcom... And, It's Pretty Final

There's been some talk lately about whether or not Miranda Hart will bring her beloved sitcom, Miranda, back for one more go. And, of course, we were super excited.

Alas, yesterday got the news we hoped we'd never hear, as Hart took to Twitter and once and for all put the kibosh on the rumors that a fourth season is in the works:


While Hart may have given a pretty definitive "no" to more Miranda, she was kind enough to provide a nice mental image of one of our favorite underdogs, honeymooning with her hubby. We can just picture Miranda poolside sipping a fun cocktail, topped off with a flirty umbrella.

Ah, bliss.

She also expressed gratitude to fans wanting more Miranda with this follow-up:


She did address how some of this confusion came about, saying at one point she "thought about it, but that's all."

You can't be blame us for hoping!

Thankfully, there will be plenty more of funny lady herself to look forward to in the near future. She's currently working hard filming The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, in which she stars as the Dew Drop Fairy. Another great mental image.

Are you hugely disappointed? If so, then the return of Luther might turn your day around!