'Miranda' Actress Sally Phillips Shares Details on 10-Year Reunion Special

Announced in October, Miranda's upcoming 10-year anniversary special is surely guaranteed to be "such fun." We know it's not a new episode of the show, but more of a televised catch-up, really, featuring Miranda Hart and her co-stars. But until now, we haven't heard much about what it's actually likely to involve.

Thankfully, actress Sally Phillips, who played Tilly on the popular British sitcom, has just shared a few details. The special was filmed "about a week ago" at historic London theater the Palladium, Phillips revealed on a U.K. TV interview. "I did some dancing and that was a challenge," she added. "But I was so stressed out about the dancing, I think I was a bit rubbish at the talking!"

Keeping tight-lipped, Phillips only confirmed that one of her co-stars, Sarah Hadland, who played Miranda's B.F.F. Stevie, is definitely on the special. "We had lots of people on it – I can’t tell you who any of them are," she teased. "But obviously, Sarah Hadland, who is the backbone of that show, really."

This means we'll have to wait to hear whether Tom Ellis (Gary) and Patricia Hodge (Penny) are participating. But, Ellis shared a throwback snap of him and Hart on Instagram last week, so we're certainly feeling positive.


Phillips also said the special will feature videos from Miranda superfans "who have modeled their friendship on the Miranda and Stevie friendship," which sounds pretty adorable, tbh.

The BBC teased in October that the special will “feature a host of treats and surprises as the cast reunite to look back over a decade of such fun, friendship [and] romance.” It's due to air on BBC One in the U.K. later this year, though there’s no word yet on where and when it might be shown in the U.S. Surely it won't be long before someone picks it up though?

Are you looking forward to the Miranda reunion special?