Michael Smiley Stars as a Memorial Photographer in New 'Dead Still' Trailer

You may know Michael Smiley from the BBC America original Luther, starring Idris Elba in the title role. He's now set to take on the lead in the forthcoming Acorn TV comedic drama Dead Still.

The name of the series could have a number of meanings, but it's quite literal. The story is set in 1880s Dublin, Ireland, revolving around a memorial photographer (Smiley) who takes portraits of... the recently deceased.

It doesn't sound all that funny at first glance, but knowing Six Feet Under, there are definitely some antics that can happen when working with the dead. In addition to it being somewhat of a workplace comedy, it's also a mystery. A series of murders are happening in the area, and it's throwing off the photographer's reputation, according to Acorn TV. 

It seems the murderer is mimicking his photographs, positioning the victims in the same manner. That's where Aidan O’Hare (Dublin Murders) steps in, portraying the detective leading the case.

The below trailer helps fill in the blanks:


This clip definitely had us LOLing. The photographer, named Brock Blennerhasset, is very sensitive and respectful of his "clients," aka corpses. But, his assistant (Kerr Logan), is a bit squeamish, telling him, "I am SO scared." And then he screams out loud, at a super high pitch, when seeing a small boy dressed as a sailor in the hallway at night. Well, someone popping up unexpected is scary.

It's been a minute since we've taken an armchair visit to Ireland and this looks like a lot of fun.

You can look for the first two episodes of Dead Still via Acorn TV on Monday, May 18, followed by a new episode premiering each Monday following, through June 15.

Are you going to make the trip to the Emerald Isle with Acorn??