Matt Smith and Claire Foy Talk About Making the Play 'Lungs' with Social Distancing Rules: 'I Might Kiss Her Anyway'

Who's "her" in the above headline? Oh, Matt Smith is talking about his Crown co-star Claire Foy. The two decided to team up to star in the stage production of Duncan Macmillan's comedy Lungs, which revolves around a couple concerned about climate change. 

Well, re-team, to be more exact, as the two starred in Lungs last year at the Old Vic and they're reprising their roles.

There's one small problem... the performance relies on a level of intimacy, with them being very close and touching.

Here's a clip with a photo of Foy wrapped in Smith's arms from the first run:

This time around, their performance calls on them practicing social distancing.

Smith joked around when speaking to The Guardian, saying, "I’ve threatened Claire that I might break all lockdown rules during the play and kiss her anyway."

It turns out, if a problem like that came up, it was fixed with camera work. We suppose Smith makes a smooch-y face and so does Foy and the video editors can digitally put their lips together, kind of thing.

But, that's a fix for the viewer. What about the actors' needs? In the same Guardian interview, Foy talks about how it impacted her being in the moment, saying, "I knew that in this play we depended entirely on our connection and the other actor’s performance, but I didn’t realize how much I relied on being in each other’s physical space, being able to touch one another and engage in that way."

She continues, being very candid, saying, "It’s making me a bit blue because you lose an element of what being an actor is. There is something vital missing. But I don’t think that it’s going to be any less because of that, but it can’t be like this forever!"

Forever is a long time. So, no, it won't go on forever.

We appreciate their efforts, even if they've had to adapt. Here's a peek at the two during filming (very far apart):

If you're keen on seeing the performance, it's available for streaming through July 4 via the Old Vic website. 

Are you excited to see these two on-screen together again?