Martin Freeman Opens Up About Working with Ex on 'Sherlock'

Last week, Sherlock star Amanda Abbington shared an anecdote about working with a bloodhound on the fourth season of the fan favorite series.

Both Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and co-creator Steven Moffat chimed in, contributing to Abbington's story. At the time, we did wonder why Freeman wasn't adding on to his real-life partner's tale of on-set doggy woes; clearly he was there, too. (Be careful what you ask, you may not want to know the answer.)

And then we realized what had happened via a tweet Abbington posted — and why Freeman may have been a little quiet. And it was like, "Oh."

It turns out Freeman and Abbington, his partner of 16 years and mother of their two children, had amicably split prior to filming. Of course, we want to give the two their privacy, but it seems they've both come out talking about their relationship.

In an interview with London's Sunday Telegraph, Freeman said, "We did this series [season] not being together, which was kind of odd, although we were doing it as friends and we're still very close."

If you've seen the fourth season opener (SPOILER ALERT), you'll know there's a question Dr. Watson (Freeman) asks his wife Mary (Abbington), that eerily echoes the couple's real-life predicament: "Is it too early for a divorce?"

Freeman addresses how their split was mirrored on-set, saying, "It wasn't lost on me and Amanda that, 'Oh look, we're holding our fictional baby. Remember this?' " referring back to when they had their own children.

The two are quite forthcoming about their "uncoupling," with Abbington providing a breakdown of the breakup, saying, "There was no hostility, really, we just said that we couldn't live together anymore, so we put everything in place, he moved out to a flat in north London, I stayed at home and we've started a new chapter."

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these two seem confident in their decision and ready to move forward.

Not the best news, for sure. You gonna be okay??