Louise Brealey on Kissing Benedict Cumberbatch: "I Milked It!"

There's a hugely entertaining interview with Sherlock star Louise Brealey on the Radio Times website today, in which she discusses her role in the new movie, Sherlock slashfic, and the moment her character Molly got to lock lips with Mr Holmes himself.

Naturally, the chance to share a tender moment with Benedict Cumberbatch—you've heard of him, right?—was one she has been asked about on more than one occasion, but did you know they had to shoot the scene four times?

She said: “I milked it! Afterwards, Ben and I watched it back on the monitor. ‘Yup, that’s pretty hot.’"

"And of course it went completely crackers when the show came out. I got 7,000 Twitter followers within five minutes of that kiss airing. It had doubled by the time the episode ended.”


And these were, by and large, people happy to see Molly get what she so clearly wanted, even if it was a fantasy sequence. It wasn't a vampish Irene Adler moment, more a wish fulfilled, and not a cause for jealousy from even the most ardent of fans: “She’s unthreatening. She’s an ordinary woman experiencing the agony of unrequited love, and most of us have been there.”

Not all Sherlock fans have been quite so sedate in their passion though. Particularly the ones writing fan fictions that show Sherlock and Molly getting up to far more than just the one (OK four) kiss. Louise admits she has only seen one slashfic and that's the way it's likely to stay: “I just thought I was reading your average story and it turned into straddling and nipple-piercing!”

Her new movie Delicious is a beguiling romance in which she plays a young woman with an eating disorder, an issue close to her heart: “I get a lot of tweets from young women who struggle with body image, who self-harm, who have eating disorders. We hide mental ill-health issues, and it’s ludicrous. One in four of us is going to have a mental-health issue and yet we pretend it’s not happening.”

Here's the trailer:


Read the full interview at Radio Times.

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