London Tube Rider is Asked to 'Finish the Lyrics' and the Results are Quite Surprising

The London Underground, similar to American subway systems, is jam-packed with people coming and going from somewhere. There's a lot of movement and people are hesitant to stop and chat...

But, when Kevin Freshwater, who is known to be a bit of an online prankster, approached a commuter, he was able to get her attention. He didn't quite ask, but declared, "Finish. The. Lyrics!!" to a young woman passing by. He gave her a prompt, singing, "Tell me something girl," from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's "Shallow."

She seemed to be caught off guard, which is expected, but went along with it. The woman sang back, "Or... do you need more??" It was Freshwater's turn to be caught off guard, saying, "Wow. Keep going. Wow. You're really good. Keep going."

And, that's just what she did, belting out the lyrics, with the Tube station acting like an echo chamber:

Freshwater keeps saying, "Wow," over and over, practically speechless. But, then he gets his bearings, announcing, "You're brilliant! Are you a singer?" And it turns out she is. The mystery commuter is named Charlotte Awbery, according to People Magazine. 

It's not clear where she was headed the day of this impromptu performance, but we're sure glad she stopped. A lot of people would've just kept going... or worse... told him to bugger off.

If it seems like the above was staged, Freshwater asked other unsuspecting bystanders to "Finish the Lyrics," and it did not always go well. You can watch the rough cut here. 

Do you think "Finish the Lyrics" could become an ongoing series?