Listen: James McAvoy Lends his Voice to Audiobook Adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 'The Sandman'

David Tennant and Michael Sheen recently starred in the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 1990 novel Good Omens. And now we'll be getting another adaptation of Gaiman's work, with his DC comic book series, The Sandman, being made into an audiobook, reports 

James McAvoy, along with a huge roster of stars, will do the heavy lifting and actually act out the lines for your listening pleasure. McAvoy is set to take on the role of The Sandman, also known as Lord Morpheus. Lord Morpheus has three "jobs," he is the king of dreams, stories, and the imagination. That's a lot of responsibility.

When he's pulled from his realm and imprisoned on Earth, he languishes for decades. His role as a leader has been compromised, and his dominion deteriorates in his absence.

The first installment of The Sandman covers Volumes 1-3. Here's a peek at the trailer featuring McAvoy:

Oooh, while the above is brief, it is... gripping. If you haven't had a chance to watch the clip, McAvoy delivers his lines with crisp control of the situation, "I am a passenger. Of your dreams. ALL your dreams. And you never knew."

There's a message in the trailer that reads, "Just close your eyes and listen." Those are some really good instructions on how to go about this saga.

In addition to McAvoy, you can also listen for Michael Sheen as Lucifer, Doctor Who's Arthur Darvill as William Shakespeare, Taron Eagerton as John Constantine, Samantha Morton as Urania Blackwell, Kat Dennings as Death, Andy Serkis as Matthew the Raven and Joanna Lumley as Lady John Constantine.

It's not just some of our favorite actors, but also favorite characters from the DC series.

The audiobook for The Sandman will be released on July 15.

Is this going on your watch listen list?