Leonardo DiCaprio to Play His Namesake Leonardo da Vinci in New Film

Ever think there are some roles an actor was born to play? Well that's certainly the case for this one.

Los Angeles-born Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly got his unusual name after his pregnant mom felt him kick while looking at a painting by Leonardo da Vinci in Florence, Italy — so it's particularly apt that he might play the great man in an upcoming flick.

The latter Leo was the original Renaissance man, famous as much for his art as for his scientific investigations (not to mention inventing his very own code).

Now, Deadline reports Leonardo is so keen to play his namesake, he's heavily involved with a film adaption of a Da Vinci biography by Walter Isaacson. Not only will he play the artist but he'll also serve as producer on the Paramount production. Writer John Logan is set to adapt the book for screen.

Both of those names are probably familiar: John Logan has been responsible for many successful films, most recently Genius, Skyfall and Leonardo-vehicle The Aviator, while Walter Isaacson's previous books include Steve Jobs, which formed the basis of Danny Boyle's 2015 film of the same name starring Michael Fassbender.

The involvement of both men suggests a quality screenplay, and with Leonardo on screen in the principle role, we can already smell the Oscars.

Do you think Leonardo was born to play this role?