Krysten Ritter is Already in Training for 'Jessica Jones' Season 3

It's only been a couple of months since we binge-watched season two of Jessica Jones on Netflix, but we're already getting word that a third is on the way.

That word came from Jessica herself, aka. Krysten Ritter, who attended Comicpalooza in Houston over the weekend (May 26). According to, she revealed she was already getting in shape to play Marvel's superhuman detective for a third time:

"I'm training, boxing, all of that. Pumping iron," she said. "You have to get yourself physically prepared to do the stunts, but also our schedule's crazy. We work long hours, sometimes we work overnight. I found that when I start off in really good shape, I feel better and I can keep up with the schedule."

As for where she sees Jessica going in season three, Krysten sounded as excited to find out as we are:

"What I love so much about season one or season two were how deeply personal both storylines were, but different," she explained. "So I got to explore different things within her and in my performance, show new colors.

"I think season one and two, we really looked back at Jessica's past. We looked at what made her as hardcore she is and how isolated [she is], and she's learned a lot — I think especially in season two she's learned a lot about herself. She has a lot to live up to, and I'm curious to see what she does next."

What about the BIG question though? Will season three see a return of Kilgrave, played brilliant by Anglo fave David Tennant? He popped up briefly in season two, but it wasn't enough for us. The small matter of his demise in season one shouldn't be a problem; after all, as he tells Jessica, he's "inside you forever."

We'll have to wait until season three launches to find out, which, by the sound of things, will be a lot sooner than we thought.

Are you looking forward to another installment of Jessica Jones?