Katee Sachoff Grapples with Self-Doubt in 'Another Life' Trailer: 'I'm Scared'

Last year we reported on Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sachoff signing on for the new sci-fi series Another Life, and just yesterday (July 9) the poster and footage were released.

In the official trailer, we hear Sachoff as space explorer Captain Niko Breckinridge say, "I'm scared. And I'm not just scared to go back into space. I am scared... that this mission is going to fail."

She and her crew are dealing with "an alien threat," but she doesn't sound all that confident going into battle:


By the end of the trailer, she changes her tune, saying, "This mission cannot and will not fail." Whew.

If Breckinridge is anything like Sachoff's Battlestar Galactica fighter pilot character Starbuck... she's got this.

Here's a peek at the poster for the forthcoming Netflix series:


You can also look for Selma Blair (American Crime Story) and Justin Chatwin (Orphan Black). The series is available for streaming as of July 25.

Is Katee Sachoff on your watch list??