John Barrowman Shares His Dream Idea for a Hypothetical 'Torchwood' Movie

It's been eight years since the fourth and most recent season of Torchwood, but star John Barrowman and writer-creator Russell T Davies are still sharing fun ideas with one another.

Barrowman, who originated the iconic role of Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who before fronting the rather darker spin-off series, revealed that he and Davies recently chatted about what a movie version could potentially look like.

"I can’t remember what ceremony it was," Barrowman told, "but I was speaking to [Russell T Davies] – he’d picked up an award for A Very English Scandal – and we said: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could do a Torchwood or Doctor Who movie with Jack, David [Tennant] and Billie [Piper]?"

Barrowman added: “If I can boast, the three of us, we all call each other ‘The Golden Age.’ The three of us made such an impact that people still talk about us to this day, which is great!”

A Torchwood movie featuring this much loved trio is definitely an interesting hypothetical – especially as Tennant's Doctor and Piper's Rose Tyler never actually appeared in a Torchwood episode. Barrowman didn't say any more about the mooted Doctor Who / Torchwood movie, which leaves us with so many questions. First of all: would there be any room for Eve Myles' Gwen Cooper?! Could Freema Agyeman's Martha Jones – who appeared in both Doctor Who and Torchwood – join the party, too? And could some of our favorite deceased characters even make an unexpected comeback?

One thing we're pretty sure of, though, is that Barrowman and Tennant remain great friends – when the former co-stars ran into one another at Mega-Con in Florida a couple months ago, Barrowman even taught Tennant how to floss!

Do you think a Torchwood movie is a good idea?