John Barrowman Kept a 'Doctor Who' Secret and He Didn't Tell Anyone... For the Most Part

If you're caught up on the current season of Doctor Who, starring Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor, then you already know John Barrowman made a surprise return to reprise his role as Captain Jack Harkness in the latest episode "Fugitive of the Judoon," which you can watch via BBC America online. 

In case you missed it, here he is making his entrance:[0]=68.ARDJ_Hpdrd4W6USb1_oBeqVDIWP0NIivs-nzii26YUroGPHqZyPfsRBFt9FFA7xqYOEzEq-tUwPvBx4C_W2bwQoTK_rlRailYRLOWtbqsz0R0eZYaKPZIxgLVMe7n4-CSoKeZ3xQJCrmqVK8OLjmmeFZZU_7ddXEeveY348XS1h6Q_1uSypaQ63636q3spbJHxoFDo6aq8gdN0scPj8PlQZTY-lmMheVNOQ5hLyXTyiahzocswTgp2nSWH6UN1dYp3dfSYbkRWOoQ0QtuskkvMlVtGNSszA-S0YOjRKLWSjTBYllh7Sqz7pEGYhHwGQ-xF229uQ-LlrQo74qFtepqYW_D12AKBu__EzheGZV3_pIjVXHKQ_Zfb12gZtAxIbFHE5IM70UCw5UxBBzRZbT9QCk2B90fREMqzmSkxzXBNhi1Q55GiYhJAOcbiiDdOI9R-56PuzChSGszoB41mVfVXx7Cz53dbTCaJ94kuIlAPilg3qCJ2RfnEYuhfiAesXDfw&__tn__=-R

We can only imagine Barrowman was bursting at the seams to share his news with the Whoniverse. But, then it wouldn't have been a surprise. It appears he did a good job of keeping tightlipped. He didn't tell anyone... well, except his husband. And, of course, that's expected, because married people share everything.

And, he told his mom and dad. That's okay, it's his mom and dad, they wouldn't tell anyone. But if he tells his parents, he can't leave out his big sister. So, yes, he told his sister.

Oh, and he texted former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies. That would just be weird for Davies to find out in real time. And if Davies knows, then David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor, definitely should be included.

That's it. He told absolutely no one, except those six people.

And, how do we know this? Barrowman shared his roster of "secret keepers" via Instagram.

It seems Barrowman held it in as long as he could. And with the above, he has officially burst, but he waited an appropriate amount of time. If you noticed that Tennant's name is misspelled in his Insta update as "Tennent," yes, we saw that, too, but, we suppose he was just THAT excited.

You can find the entire "Fugitive of the Judoon" episode via BBC 

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