Javier Bardem Lives Three Lives in New Sally Potter Movie

We just mentioned Javier Bardem and his new film Everybody Knows earlier this month, and here he is again, set to star in a forthcoming BBC Films project, reports Deadline. 

This time around, he's joining writer-director Sally Potter (The Party) for her next drama, which is yet to be named.

The story revolves around a father and daughter who make a trip to NYC, which becomes a pretty chaotic 24 hours. In the film, co-developed by BBC Films and BFI, we will see three different versions of his life, i.e. shoulda/coulda/woulda.

Like, what if he should have married his childhood sweetheart? What if he could have pursued a music career? Or, the third scenario, what would he have become if he were to live an isolated life on a Greek island?

All three possibilities are explored as he flows "in and out of several parallel lives," while traveling with his daughter. She, on the other hand, grapples with his unpredictable mental state.

Elle Fanning is set to take on the role of his daughter, with Selma Hayek playing his wife. We can also look for Laura Linney and Chris Rock, but their characters have yet to be announced.

According to ComingSoon.net, production has begun in Spain and will pick up in NYC in January.

If you'd like to look back at some of Potter's earlier work, here's a peek at the trailer for the 2017 film The Party, starring Anglo regulars, Kristin Scott Thomas and Timothy Spall:


You can go even further back with this BBC Culture interview, which examines her 1993 film adaptation of Virginia Woolf's novel Orlando, starring Tilda Swinton. The clip is part of The Art of Directing series, where Potter talks about how she managed to film an "unfilmable" book.

Are you getting a "Six Degrees" of Sally Potter feel, right about now?