Is This What Tom Hardy Could Look Like in the 'Venom' Movie?

Back in October, Tom Hardy started shooting his new superhero movie Venom. He's starring as Eddie Brock, a Marvel Comics character who turns into the anti-hero Venom after becoming host to a menacing alien creature. Venom is known for being an archenemy of Spider-Man, and was previously portrayed on the big screen by Topher Grace in 2007's Spider-Man 3.

Though we know Hardy will be using performance capture to bring the anti-hero to life, we don't yet know what his Venom will look like. But we may just have been given our first clue. As ComicBook reports, an artist who specializes in making monster sculptures, Mikkel Frandsen, has posted some Venom imagery on his Instagram. And to put it mildly, it's pretty intense.

Now, it's worth taking a breath here. Frandsen hasn't said he has any kind of involvement in the Venom movie, which is being directed by Zombieland and Gangster Squad's Ruben Fleischer. But he has been careful to credit Marvel in his Instagram posts, and has an untitled feature film on his 2018 portfolio. So, it's definitely realistic that his work could — could — have something to with the Venom movie.

Here's what we definitely do know about Venom: it's due for release on October 5, 2018, and Hardy's co-stars will include Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson, and Jenny Slate.

Oh, and back in July, Columbia Pictures' David Panitch spoke teasingly about the prospect of Hardy's Venom teaming up with Tom Holland's new, super-youthful Spider-Man for a future movie. "If we get lucky enough to make more than one [Venom film] and continue the franchise, there are lots of opportunities," Panitch told Variety at the time.

Are you excited to see Tom Hardy in the Venom movie?