WATCH: Idris Elba Takes Us Inside His Trailer On the Set of 'Luther'

OK, this isn't normally the type of trailer we cover on Anglophenia. But we couldn't resist bringing you a peek of Idris Elba's private quarters on the set of Luther. Just hours ago, he posted this video to Twitter, giving us an inside look at the mobile home — or as he puts it "fancy caravan" — he hangs out in between takes.

We're honored! And intrigued...

Elba walks us around, filming the interior, narrating as he goes: "What would you find in Luther's trailer?"

We're not sure — tell us more, please. He starts off filming his neat kitchenette, complete with a spread of condiments, chips and everything you need to make a nice British cup of tea.

Next, he screeches to a halt, literally making the sound of breaks, when coming across a very smart looking backpack, monogrammed with his initials.

But we don't want to give away all the good stuff, so check it out in the below video, which also includes his choice of "liquid refreshments." His words... not ours:

We love that Marsha, his assistant, gets a shout-out. But, she seems a little camera shy.

Elba is currently filming the fifth season of Luther, a four-part installment, making its way back to BBC America later this year.

Thanks, Idris! That was a lot of fun... keep the videos coming.

What caught your eye in his "fancy caravan"?