Idris Elba and Kate Winslet Lock Lips On-Set for Upcoming Film

While Idris Elba (The Dark Tower) and Kate Winslet (Steve Jobs) are famously good friends, this might be the first time the pair have shared a steamy embrace. Their lips met while filming The Mountain Between Us, out later this year (October 20). It's clear from the picture below that these two have some serious chemistry...

Anglo fan favorites Elba and Winslet portray survivors of a plane crash, which strands them in the mountains where they're forced to rely on each other to survive the elements.

The actors were snapped smooching for a scene while filming in Vancouver. Given their clean clothes and lack of a mountainous backdrop, we're going to assume this happens sometime after the crash and ensuing saga.

Bur whenever — and wherever — it takes place, we certainly enjoyed getting a peek at the pair's onscreen romance. We think this tweet encapsulates the world's thoughts perfectly:

The film is based on Charles Martin's 2011 novel The Mountain Between Us, which has been described as a romance-disaster story. It's true that sometimes traumatic events bring people closer together, as seen in the above. Winslet takes on the role of Ashley Knox, an accomplished writer, with Elba portraying Dr. Ben Payne. Lucky for Knox, who's badly hurt in the crash, her companion is a medical doctor rather than the Ph.D kind.

Of course, the film may stray from the original work, but based on the book's description, here's what to expect: the two are held up at an airport during a storm. Payne charters a plane (what's a bit of bad weather after all?!) and invites Knox to take the extra spot. It's one of those "sliding doors" moments... what if they had waited until the next day? What if someone else had taken that extra spot? But with Knox gravely injured, there's no time for "what ifs."

Hany Abu-Assad (The Idol) is on deck to direct, with Chris Weitz (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and J. Mills Goodloe (The Age of Adeline) are credited with writing.

Filming has begun, with the premiere set for October 20, 2017.

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