Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman's 'The Undoing' Series Gets a Premiere Date

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman are set to star in the forthcoming mystery series The Undoing, which will air on HBO in the U.S. and Sky TV in the U.K. If you've been waiting to find out when it will premiere, the wait is over.

You can look for the series in fall 2020. It's not an exact date, but it gives us a time frame as when to expect it.

This is the first time Grant and Kidman will star on-screen together. That's thrilling in itself, but the story is a thriller, too. The series revolves around a married couple with a young son, who seem to have the perfect life (isn't that always the case!?). Kidman is set to play Grace Fraser, a therapist working in NYC. With Grant as her husband, Jonathan, an oncologist. Both are devoted parents.

When Jonathan goes missing, Grace's life begins to unravel. There are a lot of questions flying around about her husband's true identity. The synopsis isn't hugely descriptive, but that alone provides a great starting off point. Just because someone goes missing doesn't necessarily mean they're a fraud. He could just be on holiday?

But, that's not the case and there's more to it. The trailer helps fill in some of the blanks:

Donald Sutherland plays Grace's father, saying to her, "You have always seen things so clearly. How can you not see this now?" See what!? Does he know something or is it just a father's intuition?

At one point, Grace is considered a suspect in his disappearance. But she sticks up for herself, saying, "This is what I know, I'm in a room with two detectives, who are treating me like a suspect."

The Undoing comes from writer David E. Kelly, who also worked with Kidman on Big Little Lies.

Do you have a theory on what actually went down? Please share! We can swap notes in the fall...