Happy Birthday Tom Ellis! Let's Revisit 7 Times He Totally Charmed Us

(Photo: Getty Images)
Tom Ellis has a birthday today (November 17) – he's turning 44. To wish him many returns, we're taking a look back at some of the times he was almost too charming for words. Warning: this feature could make you say "aww!" out loud, so don't read it anywhere you're expected to keep a dignified silence.
1. When He Played Gary in Miranda
Come on, how could we begin this feature any other way? Every Miranda fan wanted Gary and Miranda Hart's tile character to get it together... and eventually, they did. We're still keeping our fingers crossed that this heartwarming show will one day come back for a reunion episode.

2. When He Got Out His Guitar for a Musical Number
Ellis fans will know he enjoys showing off his musical side at panel events and in his TV shows. We particularly enjoy his rendition of "Human" by U.K. singer-songwriter Rag'n'Bone Man, which really shows off his soulful and emotive vocal tone.

3. When He Popped Up on The Catherine Tate Show
Ellis appears as a rather dashing police officer in a series of sketches set in the 1950s; they're actually a spoof of the BBC's hit time travel show Life on Mars. He's a great "straight man" for Tate, who portrays a somewhat domineering London B&B owner called Ma Willow.

4. When He Read Out Thirst Tweets
Ellis was the subject of countless thirst tweets during his Miranda era, and even more when he began starring in Lucifer. In this amusing piece of Buzzfeed content, he responds to all this attention with a playful sense of humor and a cheeky glint in his eye.

5. When He Lobbied to Save Lucifer
We hate to bring back painful memories, but in 2018, Fox canceled Ellis's fantasy series Lucifer after three seasons. Fans were so incensed that they launched a #SaveLucifer social media campaign that Ellis and his castmates really rallied behind. During an interview on the BBC's Newsnight program, he spoke eloquently and persuasively about why the show still had more to offer. As you'll surely know, the campaign did exactly what it was meant to, and Lucifer was duly revived by Netflix for a further three seasons.

6. When He Showed Off Some Killer Dance Moves
The campaign for Ellis to star in a remake of Saturday Night Fever starts right here!

7. And Finally, When He Reunited with Miranda Hart for British Comic Relief
This 2019 sketch gives us all the feels. Ellis and Hart still have such a lovely natural chemistry, and the expression "we're Garried" is one that will live rent-free in our minds forever.
Incidentally, Ellis has said he has no problem being associated so closely with his roles as Gary and Lucifer.  "Miranda is so ingrained in British popular comedy culture that I think that will always be there. And that’s lovely," he told The Guardian. "When I grew up, I used to watch sitcoms with my grandad. And the ‘You have been watching’ moments, where they would say the actor’s name underneath and they’d wave to camera and all that, that’s my experience of growing up. But I have to look at it and go: ‘That’s really nice. There's two characters I have played that people remember me for.'"

Have you been totally charmed by Tom Ellis over the years?