Gerard Butler's Disaster Movie 'Greenland' is Getting a Sequel

(Photo: Getty Images)

Gerard Butler stars in this year's Greenland, available on VOD, where we see a comet heading to Earth that will wipe out the population where it lands... and beyond.

It's just been announced that the movie will be getting a sequel, called Greenland: Migration, reports Empire Online.

That in itself is a little bit of a spoiler, since viewers can now guess Butler's character made it out alive, with Butler reprising his role.

If you haven't seen the movie, let's backtrack a bit. Butler plays an architect, who is married and has a little boy with his wife (Morena Baccarin). The family of three are selected to get on a plane and be shipped off to a safe location in Greenland, where they can possibly avoid elimination.

Needless to say, their neighbors are a little bit jealous, as to why they were chosen and the rest were not.

Things don't go exactly as planned, as the plane situation doesn't quite work out and it becomes a race for survival by foot and car.

The forthcoming movie picks up where the first left off, with Garrity and his family trekking across a now frozen Europe, to find a place to settle down.

Chris Sparling wrote the original film and will be returning for the sequel. We can also look for Greenland director Ric Roman Waugh.

Production is set to begin next year.

Have you already seen the original movie? What did you think!?