Gerard Butler's Action Film 'The Plane' Finds a New Home

(Photo: Getty Images) 

Last year, it was announced Gerard Butler signed on to star in the action film The Plane. Lionsgate was set to make the movie, but just last week they dropped the project due to a lack of insurance, reports Deadline. 

But, it didn't stay grounded for long, because just recently Soltice Studios has acquired the worldwide rights, according to 

Now that we know the project has a place to live, what's it about?

Butler will take on the role of a commercial pilot named Ray Torrance. The story revolves around him making an emergency landing during a storm. While saving the lives of his passengers, they have accidentally landed in a war zone.

From there, Torrance and his passengers evade multiple groups of militia, who are trying to take him and the passengers hostage.

Christian Gudegast is set to direct, who was a co-writer on London Has Fallen, also starring Butler. Charles Cumming and J.P. Davis will co-write the screenplay, based on a story by Cumming and Gudegast.

We can look for The Plane to release in summer of 2021.

Are you happy this is back on?