George Clooney Returning to Sci-Fi with 'Good Morning, Midnight' Adaptation

George Clooney has starred in a number of sci-fi films like 2015's Tomorrowland, 2013's Gravity and 2002's Solaris. This time around, he's starring in and directing the Netflix adaptation of the novel Good Morning, Midnight, reports Deadline.

Lily Brooks-Dalton's 2016 novel follows an astronomer by the name of Augustine (Clooney). Augustine has spent years traveling to remote posts to study the sky. He finds himself in the Arctic when news of a looming catastrophe is announced. His colleagues pack up shop and evacuate, but Augustine decides to stay put and continue his work. The radio stops working, and he's cut off from the rest of the world, except for a young child he comes upon named Iris.

There's a second storyline, that plays out simultaneously, featuring an astronaut named Sullivan. She and her team have just successfully visited Jupiter and are on their way back to Earth. Their return is usurped when they lose contact with Mission Control, as communication has gone out for them, too.

The Revenant's Mark L. Smith is writing the script, with Clooney directing. Clooney is excited to work with Smith, releasing a statement, saying, "Mark is a writer we’ve long admired and his script is haunting."

It's not clear if the Netflix project is a one-off movie or a series, but either way, we are keen to see how this rolls out.

You can look for Clooney in the comedic crime-drama miniseries Catch-22, opposite Anglo fan favorite Hugh Laurie, which just released this past May.

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