'Gavin & Stacey' Co-Creator Ruth Jones Says It Isn't Coming Back

(Photo: Getty Images)
If you've been holding out for more Gavin & Stacey since the show's Christmas Day special in 2019, today brings some pretty disappointing news. Ruth Jones, who co-created the show with James Corden and stars as Nessa Jenkins, has said it isn't coming back.
"I'm really hugely complimented that people love it so much," Jones told The Independent. "But it is quite an extraordinary thing… it's almost like you mention the words Gavin & Stacey and people assume it's back. But it's not."
Jones and Corden co-wrote every episode of the show, which originally ran for three seasons and a special between 2007 and 2010, airing stateside on BBC America. The 2019 Christmas Day special, which ended on a major cliffhanger involving Jones' Nessa and Corden's character Neil "Smithy" Smith, was watched by a huge U.K. audience of 18.5 million viewers. According to the BBC, this makes it the biggest BBC TV program outside of sporting and national events since records began in 2002.
Because Corden announced earlier this year that he will be stepping down from The Late Late Show in 2023, some fans have been wondering whether he might have more time to revisit Gavin & Stacey. However, according to Jones, this isn't going to happen.
"I’m sure, at some point, James and I will write something together. But it won’t be Gavin and Stacey," she said. "Certainly, when he’s back in the UK, I would have thought we would try and get together and write again because it was such fun to do that.”    
So, there we have it. Don't expect a new episode of Gavin & Stacey any time soon. At least we'll always have our memories, though, so why not relive some of Nessa's best bits?

Are you sad not to see any more Gavin & Stacey?