First Look: Tchéky Karyo Returns as Detective Julien Baptiste in 'The Missing' Spin-Off

The two-season run of BBC's gripping series The Missing came to an end in 2017, but... the story is not over. The mainstay character Detective Julien Baptiste, who was a driving force in both seasons, is back for the new spin-off series, simply called Baptiste.

Tchéky Karyo will return to reprise the role of the French investigator, joined by The Night Manager's Tom HollanderBarbara Sarafian (Hotel Beau Séjour) and Jessica Raine (Patrick Melrose). Baptiste is set in Amsterdam, where the detective is taking a break from crime-solving. His holiday is cut short when his expertise is called on to help with a case being investigated.

Filming has begun, with BBC One releasing first-look photos, where we see a poster of a missing woman.

You can probably figure out what the poster in the above says, based on context, but if you don't speak French, and just to be safe, "vermist" translates to "missing" in English.

The Missing covered two different cases, each running the course of one season, with the first about a small child who vanished and the second examining the return of a missing teenage girl. So, for the forthcoming spin-off to carry on with a completely new storyline, it shouldn't be too hard to pick up with Baptiste.

As of now, Baptiste is listed as "coming soon" to BBC One. There's no where and when about a U.S. premiere date, but fingers crossed it will head this way once the U.K. date is confirmed. We'll update you with more concrete details.

In the meantime, what do you think of the plan so far?