First Look: Sacha Baron Cohen Plays It Straight in Upcoming 'The Spy' Biopic Miniseries

We know Sacha Baron Cohen for his comedic roles (Talladega Nights) and comedic... missteps. But, this time around, he is playing it straight, portraying real life figure Eli Cohen in The Spy, reports Deadline. 

The story is inspired by Cohen's life as a Mossad agent, working on behalf of the Israeli Intelligence Community. In the 1960s, Cohen went undercover to get close to Syrian military officials and their wealthy, connected friends. The plan was to earn their trust and become close enough friends to learn about their anti-Israel initiatives.

And, as they do, plans changed. It sounds like he did his job too well, getting too close, and that it was difficult to turn off.

Netflix has released some first look photos, illustrating the glamorous life he stepped into:

The series is created and written by Gideon Raff. His Israeli series Prisoners of War was the basis for Homeland.

Raff's six-part series The Spy will premiere on Netflix on September 6.

Is Sacha Baron Cohen growing up!?