First Look: Meet Johnny Depp's Character in New 'Murder on the Orient Express' Trailer

When we first covered the casting for director Kenneth Branagh's forthcoming film adaptation of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, we predicted it might be hard to cram the incredible lineup — including Branagh (Hercule Poirot), Dame Judi Dench (Princess Natalia Dragomiroff) and Daisy Ridley (Mary Debenham) — into one trailer. And, we weren't wrong.

The first trailer, narrated by Poirot, introduces us to "a tangle of strangers, pressed together for days with nothing in common, but the need to go from one place to the other." We get a fleeting glimpse of some of the key characters aboard the train. When it comes to a screeching halt, we discover there's been a murder...

We briefly saw Johnny Depp in that trailer, lollygagging in the train hallway, but we didn't learn his role, nor did we hear him speak. But, that's all about to change with the new trailer. Depp's character introduces himself to Poirot, saying, "You're the world-famous detective. Avenger of the innocent, is that what they call you in the papers?" And, who is this gentleman across from the detective? That'll be Edward Ratchett, a.k.a, The Gangster.

Poirot asks him, "Are you one of the innocents?" You can check out his cheeky response below:

Now that we've met the main characters — The Professor (Willem Dafoe), The Butler (Derek Jacobi), The Assistant (Josh Gad), The Count (Sergei Polunin), The Governess (Daisy Ridley), The Missionary (Penélope Cruz), The Widow (Michelle Pfeiffer), The Salesman (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), The Maid (Olivia Colman), The Doctor (Leslie Odom Jr.), The Princess (Dame Judi Dench), and, now, The Gangster (Johnny Depp) — it's apparent that everyone is a suspect... and everyone has a past.

It's not quite clear who lost his life on this fateful train ride; we may have to wait until November 10, when the film hits theaters, to find out.

The murderer is on the train — who do you think it is? If you know from the book... please no spoilers!