First Look: 'Loki' Image Sets TV Series in 1975

Loki is getting his own TV series, courtesy of Disney, with Tom Hiddleston to reprise the role of Thor's overshadowed little brother.

While Loki may feel cast aside, he is still a god. And, to be honest, he may be even more popular than Thor... at least in regards to the fandom universe.

The folks over at Empire have released a photo of an image from the series, snapped during a presentation by Loki producer Kevin Feige at a recent Investor Day for Disney:

While the above photo is a little blurry (which may have been done on purpose), we're still able to pick up on some major takeaways. Like, umm... Jaws is in theaters!? Just call us Sherlock, that means this scene is set in 1975.

The back end of a Pontiac, seen in the lower right corner, reinforces the time period (versus Jaws returning to theaters for a later run).

It appears Loki is in NYC, crossing a bustling street. Of course, it could be a number of major metropolitan areas... but, NYC is our go-to.

While the TV series is set in a different era than what we saw in the original 2011 Thor movie, Loki looks unchanged for the most part. He's rocking his signature long dark locks and clad in black. The only thing is, we have no idea what's on his mind, as we can't see his facial expression.

As of now, the storyline has yet to be released. And the only cast member we know of is Hiddleston. But, that's more than enough to get the imagination going.

Last November, Hiddleston did promise "more mischief" in the below tweet:

The six-part series is set to air on the forthcoming Disney streaming service, which will launch on November 12, 2019. It's predicted Loki will premiere later this year.

What are you hoping to find out about Loki in the new series?