First Look: Gillian Anderson Brings Resplendent Royal Poise as Catherine's Mother in 'The Great'

(Photo: Getty Images)
Just when we thought
Gillian Anderson couldn't get any more iconic, she might just have raised the bar once more.
The Emmy-winning actress has shared not one but two images of her upcoming guest role in The Great. She posted them on Instagram with the playful caption – "Did someone say mother?" – which refers to the fact that she is playing Johanna, mother of Elle Fanning's Catherine the Great.GillianAndesonGreat1(Photo: Instagram)
Fellow actor
Sharon Astone summed up the excited reaction among Anderson fans by commenting on the post: "OMG YES is it odd to have another actress be such a crazy fan???"GillianAndersonGreat2(Photo: Instagram)
As befits a member of the 18th century German royal family, Johanna's full title was actually Princess Johanna Elisabeth of Holstein-Gottorp. According to
TVLine, Anderson's Johanna in the "anti-historical" dramedy series will have "sinister intentions" when she travels to Russia to reunite with her increasingly powerful daughter. Her character is also described as a "maestro of marriage," which suggests she could well be a bit of a schemer.
The new season of The Great is due to premiere on November 19 on Hulu. Anderson recently portrayed another formidable female figure from history, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in The Crown. She won Emmy and Golden Globe awards for her performance as the "Iron Lady."
Are you excited to see Gillian Anderson on The Great?