First Look: David Tennant and Michael Sheen Begin Filming 'Good Omens'

Woah, when David Tennant goes red, he goes red. He not only changed the color of his hair for the TV series Good Omens, he's got a lot more of it.

This past Friday, we got a peek at his new 'do, with Tennant and co-star Michael Sheen, donning blonde locks, getting chummy in this photo-op at a table reading for the new series. And, now we get to see them on-set as the demon Crowley and angel Aziraphale:

Yep, yep, Tennant has the devil stance down, all clad in black and Sheen is definitely giving us the angel vibe, we can practically see the halo over his head.

We can thank Neil Gaiman, co-writer of Good Omens with the late Terry Pratchett, for sharing this photo.

Gaiman followed up with a statement about the start of production, saying, "People have fallen in love with an angel and a demon in a book by Terry Pratchett and me, and they have been excited and nervous to see how they would appear on screen — and I was probably the most nervous and excited of all. This is a first look. Michael Sheen is the best and finest of bookseller angels, David Tennant the coolest and most delightful of demons. Together they are one hell of a double act (or do I mean one made in Heaven?)," released via the BBC Media Centre.

It seems like things are on track for the telling of a devil (Tennant) and angel (Sheen) teaming up to save the world. You can also look for Jack Whitehall (Fresh Meat) and Miranda Richardson (Testament of Youth). It's been confirmed Douglas Mackinnon (Doctor Who, Knightfall) will be directing, reports Deadline.

This series will be co-produced by BBC and Amazon, with six hour-long episodes airing in 2018.

Are you liking this so far?