First Look: David Schwimmer Stars in British-American Hybrid Comedy 'Intelligence'

We've known about David Schwimmer's unofficial Anglophile membership for a while now. He's due a lapel pin, because he's starring in another British-based comedy called Intelligence, reports Deadline. 

It's a work place comedy written by Nick Mohammed (The MartianChristopher Robin), who will also star opposite Schwimmer. The Sky One series revolves around a sort of odd couple dynamic, with Schwimmer taking on the role of a maverick American intelligence agent, who teams up with a somewhat baffling British computer analyst (Mohammed).

Ross described as a "maverick"? Oh, yeah, yeah, it's David, not Ross — it is easy to confuse the two. If you can't quite picture him as an NSA agent, Schwimmer has tweeted a photo from the set:

To be honest, we're still getting a serious Ross vibe, even after seeing the above. But, maybe when we see some footage, with the actors moving and speaking, we can shake off those Friends feelings.

While the workplace comedy is set in the U.K.’s Government Communications Headquarters, it may not be all that different than a typical office environment, with Nerys Evans, executive-producer, saying to Deadline, “Even though the stakes are really high for the team, fighting cyber-crime, our six-part comedy series reveals the reality is not dissimilar to any other office environment, from temperamental photocopiers to meeting rooms being double booked.”

NBCUniversal Global Distribution is overseeing international sales, i.e. it sounds like it's U.S.-bound.

If you're in the U.K., you can look for Intelligence on Sky One and NowTV on February 1, 2020.

Are you up for more Ross David?