First Look: Charlie Brooker's 'Black Mirror' Season Four Gets a New Tone and Trailer

We're just getting over the TV-induced nightmares brought on by Black Mirror season three — literally — but, with that said, the next season is promised to be a little lighter.

Series creator Charlie Brooker talked about the forthcoming season when at The Edinburgh International Television Festival (August 23-25), saying the sci-fi series will still be bleak, still be set in a terrible dystopian future, but, "There will be a new, less miserable tone to some of the storytelling," reports RadioTimes.

Brooker goes on to explain: "We are varying the tone a little more, moving forward."

The futuristic series definitely makes viewers think, which is a great takeaway, but, also, depending on the outcome of the episode, one might think, "This is grim." Luckily, it's fiction, but some of Brooker's stories have been said to have aired and then similar events happen in real-life. He doesn't take credit for predicting the future, by any means.

He talks about the impact the moody show can have, breaking it down, saying, "If you did six downers that’s worse for everyone. I think we’re now able to adjust the tone more. Which is not to say we’re doing just uplifting episodes, we’re also doing more comedic episodes."

The first look trailer includes the names of the episodes, "Crocodile," "Arkangel," "Hang the DJ," "U.S.S Callister," "Metalhead," "Black Museum," with the footage showing a snippet from each. The "U.S.S Callister" caught our eye with the Star Trek-themed wardrobe:

Season three's "San Junipero" may have been one of the first episodes to go the more uplifting route, as Brooker suggests we'll see more of in the above interview, revolving around two young women, one shy, one more of a party girl, becoming unlikely companions:

The fourth season of Black Mirror is predicted to hit Netflix this fall. The casting hasn't been fully announced, but you can look for Hannah John-Kamen (Killjoys),  George Blagden (Versailles), Cristin Milioti (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Andrew Gower (Outlander).

Each episode will have a different director. Jodie Foster, yes, that Jodie Foster (Contact, Flightplan), will direct "Arkangel." Toby Haynes will handle "U.S.S. Callister." John Hillcoat will be responsible for "Crocodile." "Metalhead" will be taken on by David Slade. And, finally, Colm McCarthy will see "Black Museum" through.

Which snippet of a story stands out to you most?