First Look: Catherine Zeta-Jones Plays a Pageant Coach in 'Queen America' Facebook Series

Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago) will take the lead in the Facebook Watch series Queen America — and it was announced today (September 11) that the 10-part dark comedy will premiere on November 21, reports Deadline.

As well as learning when we can watch Zeta-Jones as cold-hearted pageant coach Vicki Ellis, we also get a look at her in character:

The series is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and sees Ellis take on an underdog contestant named Samantha (Belle Shouse). Ellis is as ruthless as she is renowned, but Stone is desperate. According to the show’s description, Ellis is basing her entire reputation on this makeover mission.

If the photo and description aren't enough to give you an idea of what Ellis is made of, check out this less-than-peppy-pep-talk she gives in this first-look clip:

Ellis, we learn in the clip, has one rule: "Never settle for anything you already are." How does she defend this painfully direct statement? "Because what you are today isn't good enough." Whoa, she's tough as nails. But, it sounds like she gets the job done.

We can also look for Judith Light, Jennifer Westfeldt, Victoria Justice, Teagle Bougere, Rana Roy, Isabella Amara, Molly Price and Megan West.

Queen America is created by Fear the Walking Dead's Meaghan Oppenheimer, who will also executive produce. Alethea Jones (A History of Radness) will direct.

Does Catherine Zeta-Jones bring the "razzle dazzle" to this role?