First Look: Billie Piper Films Scene for TV Series 'I Hate Suzie' at London Comic Con

Doctor Who alum Billie Piper was in attendance at this year's London Comic Con (Oct. 25-28). She took to the main stage for what looked like a standard sit-down interview, but in fact she was filming a scene for her forthcoming TV series I Hate Suzie.

In case you missed it, here's a snap:

Piper is joined by Luke Franks, who takes on the role of interviewer Raptor. If you're wondering who Suzie is and what'd she do to "our" Billie, no worries, that's actually the name of Piper's character. She takes on the role of a fading star by the name of Suzie Pickles. Her last big role was ten years prior. She's at Comic Con trying to win her fans back.

Here's a look at the series' official synopsis: "In the episode being filmed, Suzie is keen to go to Comic Con where she is appearing as a panelist to talk about a show from ten years ago. Suzie has always had a brilliant time at Comic Con and her association with the event is that she knows it will be a place where the audience will let her forget the scandal, give her a warm welcome and only be interested in talking about her work.”

Scandal? Oh, we should probably mention, her phone has been broken into and a "compromising" photo of her is released. Comic Con-goers are pretty respectful, so it may be that she's more bothered than her fans.

We shall have to wait and see how this drama rolls out. The series is currently in production and will eventually land on Sky TV in the U.K. There's no word of a U.S. outlet just yet, but we hope it makes it this way sooner than later.

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Does this feel like a play within a play??