Filming Has Begun on Art Heist Biopic 'The Duke' Starring Helen Mirren and Jim Broadbent

Helen Mirren (The Good Liar) and Jim Broadbent (Paddington) are teaming up to star in the forthcoming movie The Duke, which tells the true story of the first theft from London's National Gallery in 1961, reports Deadline.

Mirren and Broadbent portray a married couple, with Broadbent taking on the role of Kempton Bunton. Bunton, 57, was a retired bus driver and was disgruntled with the way the U.K. was being run. So, he took matters into his own hands, allegedly stealing a Goya painting from The National Gallery.

He later confessed to sending a ransom note, saying the portrait of the Duke of Wellington would be returned if the pensioners (retired people) were treated better, focusing on specific benefits like free TV (no license fee).

Clearly, he didn't get away with it, as there wouldn't be a movie being made about it, but there's more to the story than what was first revealed. SPOILER: In 2012, The Guardian published an update on this being a "family affair."

Filming has begun in Bradford, England, and Mirren has turned to Instagram to share what she's been up to.

She kicked off her sort of "love letter" to Bradford with this nighttime photo and sweet testimonial:

With Mirren being a thespian, it made sense for her to swing by a live performance while visiting:

And, with her being British, having a curry dinner made even more sense:

And, finally, with Mirren being a good sport, her last snap is all fun:

While we enjoyed tagging along with Mirren on a night out, let's not forget why she is in town, which is to make the movie The Duke. The script is written by Richard Bean (One Man, Two Guvnors) and is scheduled to hit theaters later this year.

Don't you just want to be friends with Helen Mirren??