Writer's Room: Facts, Observations, and Beards

Series writer Kyle Bradstreet is busy bringing 'Copper' Season Two to life, but he has a few observations to share...
  • A writer can, without question, beat an actor in a beard growing contest (note: not this writer, but this one).

Sorry, Morehouse. Writer Kevin Deiboldt wins the best beard award.

  • Watching a Harlem Globetrotters game is the perfect way to spend a Saturday night after a week of shooting. Good idea, Morehouse.
  • Between takes, it's a pleasure to watch Ato Essandoh (Doctor Matthew Freeman) dance. And, seriously, he can cut a rug.

VIDEO: Ato Essandoh and the cast of Copper bust a move.

  • Negative 9 degrees Fahrenheit is cold. So cold. Oh, Toronto...
  • A lit cigar shoved up one's nose appears to be incredibly painful for the recipient. (Who writes these scenes...?)
  • Copper's multitalented Tessa Thompson (Sara Freeman) performs in a kick-ass band called Caught A Ghost. Check out their song "Hold Out" below.

VIDEO: Tessa Thompson and her band Caught A Ghost perform "Hold Out."

  • Frightened Rabbit's new album, "Pedestrian Verse," is a faithful early morning writing companion. Yes, they're from Scotland. Forgive me, Sweet Éire.
  • Donal Logue joining the Copper team this year is like adding rocket fuel to an already spectacular bonfire. I mean, the guy kills it in every scene. Our ever outstanding cast has added another family member, and we couldn't be more excited to have Donal on board.
'Til next time, Kyle Bradstreet Have questions or comments for Kyle? Leave them in the comments below!